Night Watch

I opened the door to my apartment. A man stood there, around 6’1 according to his dating profile. His dark skin seemed to glow and his dark eyes were soft but anxious. He smelled like a mixture of bath soap and a hint of cologne. My heart raced, anxious because I usually didn’t invite a strange man to my place. One of the rules of the dating world: don’t let strange men know where you live. Stalkers and crazy people do exist. This man was an exception to the rule. His shirt was a button up except he left the top two buttons undone which flaunted his pecs just enough to entice me. Even though nothing had happened yet, there was a slight bulge on the left side of his pants that indicated I would be walking funny the next day. I invited him to sit on the couch.

He sat watching, silent, as I ran my finger down his collar bone. I didn’t have any urge for small talk and just wanted this man to fuck me hard and fast. He pulled me in, kissing my neck first moving his way up my cheek to my lips. I unbuttoned his shirt and he yanked it off just as I finished undoing the bottom button. I scratched my nails along his taught stomach, taking in the difference between our skin tones. My nearly ivory skin seemed even more pale in contrast to his dark mocha tone. 

He watched as I scooted back and removed my top. He tried to move onto me but I stopped him with one black high-heeled boot. He sat back down and began kissing my shin and my calf, running his hand up my inner thigh. I quivered and I could feel myself getting wet. My head turned, smiling, as my face began to feel flush. He watched me fascinated at my willingness to do this so fast. It made him go from hard to throbbing. He undid his pants, grabbed ahold of his cock,  and pulled it past his underwear’s elastic grip. I grabbed his hands and put them on my breasts. He moved up to me and began kissing me again, twisting my nipples and grinding his hardness onto the mound of my pussy, only cloth between us.  I let out a light moan. As I did, he moved upward and pulling his pants down quickly and off himself jutted forward smacking my face with it. I finally got a good glimpse of his dick. Pictures only tell so many tales. It had to be eight inches long and was so fat when I put my hand around it my pointer finger and thumb didn’t touch. My nerves set in remembering he was watching, seeing my shock at how large this cock was and a hint of fear set in. 

I took as much of it in my mouth as I could. He flipped me over, ripped open the package, and began putting a condom on. I peered over my shoulder as he rolled it onto his cock. He locked his fingers, gave what I always dubbed the “dipstick test” seeing if I was wet, then shoved his way in. The sensation hit me as I let out a slight squeal and instinctually tried to crawl and pull away. He held onto me, leaned over and said onto my ear, “Relax baby. You got this.” Then he shoved further onto me. I let out a moan this time as he began the back and forth motion. His deep voice was somewhat soothing and him saying that made me get wet enough to really enjoy it. He pounded me harder after the motion began. At first i had my face buried in a couch cushion to muffle my noises but remembered he wanted to watch and hear everything so I lifted back up and turned my head away from the couch. Our moans mingled together. Suddenly my body began to tense and a wave of goosebumps flowed over my skin. My nails dug into the couch. His hands had ahold of my hips pulling me, thrusting into me. Then I exploded into ecstasy moaning and bucking just as he began to do the same. 

I lay collapsed on the couch with him on top of me, still inside of me. Just for a moment. Then he got up. He peeled the condom off, walked into the bathroom, threw it away, washed himself off, then came back into the living room. I was on the couch expecting a wash cloth or towel or something. He began putting on his clothes. I looked at him incredulously. He smacked me on the ass, oblivious to my annoyance. “We should do this again,” he said as he walked out the door. I got up and walked behind him to lock it behind him. Then I went to the bathroom and wiped myself off. I brought the wet rag in to wipe the couch off. Then I sat down at my computer desk. 

“Can you believe that shit!?” I half yelled, half whimpered. He looked at me empathetically. “This is the dirty underbelly of casual sex. I told you.” I went from slightly angry to laughing, “Yes, you did. Ass. Did you like it?” He sat there with his cock still hanging out of the top of his underwear. He was still hard. “I loved it, baby. But I wasn’t able to finish obviously.” I smiled with an evil grin. “Hang on,” I ran to my bedroom coming back with my dildo in hand. “How about we finish this race together?” I smiled as I began to fuck myself with it.


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