A Date with My New Friend, Blue

Wandering the streets of New Orleans, my boyfriend and I found ourselves standing in front of an adult shop. Out of all the amazing sites to see in this city, this would end up being the place where we spent the most time. We had been discussing trying different sex acts (different to me not to him). Most notably, sex acts involving anal. So we set out looking for toys for each other to enjoy.  

Of course we looked at all of the fun goodies the store had available. Lingerie, lubes, lotions, vibrators galore! Eventually we found our way to the main area of interest. We looked at each other  giddy and somewhat embarrassed to share our secret desires to try these things out with each other. He chose his first: a somewhat  large, tan dildo with a suction cup. I thought it was completely crazy and there was absolutely no way it would fit. Then it came to be  my turn to pick out my butt plug. The first one I eyeballed looked too big; however, after seeing the size of the dong my boyfriend had picked out I couldn’t be a wuss about it. As I gleamed over the rest of the plugs, my eyes kept going back to the first one I noticed. It’s blue with three ridges and a slight bulbous curve to it. I grabbed it from the hanger. My boyfriend looked at me in shock. “That’s kind of big,” he stammered at me. “Look who’s talking,” I retorted, my eyes darting to his large dildo. We purchased our items and left, giddy with the energy of sex toys and New Orleans.

It would be a week later before I mustered up the courage to use my new toy. My boyfriend and I had just entered an Indian restaurant. As I walked in I let him know I had to use the restroom. I told him to just order me anything as there isn’t much in the way of Indian food I don’t enjoy. He didn’t know it but I had grabbed Blue out of the trunk of my car. I washed Blue off with soap and water (you’re supposed to use toy cleaner but I was not toting that around) and was about to insert him when I thought of something even more fun. I got my phone out and took a picture of me holding Blue and then another of me inserting Blue. Taking a photo of yourself shoving something up your own ass is a task in case you were wondering.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, I felt as if I had a buzz. I walked up to our table and sat down with a silly grin on my face. My boyfriend asked if I was okay. I just nodded ‘Yes.’ Then I proceeded to get my phone back out and text him the pictures I just took. He looked down at his phone as the food was almost simultaneously brought to our table. He looked at his phone in astonishment then glanced back up at me. Then back at his phone. “That’s…you…” his voice stuttered. He leaned closer. “You just did that? Put that in your ass!?” I nodded ‘Yes’ whilst grinning ear to ear. I watched as he adjusted himself, turned on by his sudden partial erection but knowing we had to eat. I adjusted myself so my cheeks spread a little, which pushed Blue a little further in. A slight moan came from me as I realized I had no ability to keep it from coming out. My boyfriend looked incredulously at me.

We finished our food quickly and left the restaurant. His shock that I was able to drive with Blue inside of me was written on his face. We made it to my place and barely made it to the door before he was on me. Before he was in me. Blue was a great date and has been a great pleasure many times since our first get together.




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