Los Tres Amigos

I finally reached the door to my flat, miffed that I had to work while she was visiting. I felt bad leaving her there alone all day. “Fuck, I hope she isn’t angry,” I muttered under my breath. Then a whole slew of thoughts which struck fear and panic crossed my mind: ‘Please say she didn’t go through my things and find something that upset her. Are my journals out? Would there be anything in them to make her angry? Would she go through my things like that?’ I put the key in and unlocked the door.
She was on the couch reading  “A Decent Ride” by Irvine Welsh while Rachmaninov played through her phone speaker. She looked up at me, her big green eyes looked mischievous and so did that half smile she gets when she wants to pounce on me. I smiled back at her about to take her up on a little rough and tumble when I remembered I was in my work clothes from the hospital, filthy from all sorts of bodily fluids I dodged coming from the elderly. “Shower first to wash off all of the filth from the hospital,” I said to her, softly kissing her forehead. She nodded okay as I hurried to the bath, already feeling my cock stiffen slightly.
While in the shower I had to refrain from a quick wank. My brain fighting against thoughts of my sweet, soft lady spending a nice day relaxing at my flat. I walked out with a towel around my waist, wondering why I bothered. When I came around the corner I saw her standing in the doorway of the kitchen. She stood there in a light green negligée her long dark hair falling in soft curls over her breasts and shoulders. She looked like a garden nymph until I saw her smiling with those wild eyes. Breaking my concentration, I heard the kettle and smelled toast. She must have been preparing it while I was in the shower.  Then another familiar sound which was somewhat alarming. As she stood still smiling, the sound of water pouring into a cup came from the kitchen.
I took a few steps closer and saw a man standing at the kitchen counter behind her. He had dark hair and green eyes, almost a male version of her except he was nearly the same height as me. “Tre is making tea and toast for us,” she said smiling and biting her lip, eyelashes fluttering. She chuckled brushing past me going back to her place on the couch. I stood there watching her, looking over at this man also watching her. Then Tre looked over at me and smiled. He winked. She laid back on the arm of the couch, her legs falling open slightly. I sat next to her trying to read her face, her signals. She smiled again, looking at me then at Tre then back at me and winked. I ran my hand up her thigh and began trying to feel her wetness. She closed her legs and grabbed my hand. “Not til after tea, tiger. We are all gonna need our energy.” About that time Tre walked in with a plate of toast and handed her a mug.
Tre motioned for me to follow him into the kitchen. I rose and followed, in a trance-like state, astounded.  I kept waiting for the alarm to sound to wake up. It didn’t. Tre was about to hand me my mug when she called out as she walked toward us, “Why don’t you two get closer? I want to take a picture.” We stood next to each other, smiled awkwardly. “Tre, why don’t you stand behind him? Maybe put a hand on his waist?” We looked at each other quickly and both blushed a little as she smiled and said, “Got it,” then walked back into the living room and flopped back down onto the couch. I turned to get my tea when Tre grabbed me by  the waist again this time with both hands pulling my ass against his crotch. Tre kissed my neck then shoved me away, grabbing his tea then with the other hand grabbing my ass as he walked to the living room.
We sat in silence aside from sipping and chewing noises. She reached over and switched the music on her phone to play Glass Animals. She had been sitting up to eat but after messing with her phone she sat back as she had been when I came out of the shower. We both looked at her. She was wearing a pair of boy-cut panties but they were sheer so they weren’t hiding much. Her dark tuft of pubes shown through. She saw both of us looking and pulled the panties over to the side a little. “Finish up boys. I’m ready for  dessert,” she cooed, licking her lips and inserting a finger inside herself. I looked her in the eyes. They were glossy and hooded over. I went to move toward her realizing my hard cock was showing through the towel. She stopped me with her heel. “Tre, take his towel off for him. Looks really uncomfortable.”
I stood up. Tre remained seated as he took my towel off. “Isn’t his cock lovely? You should suck it for a minute,” she commanded. I grabbed hold of my cock and pointed it straight at Tre’s mouth. Tre took it in his mouth. She took a picture then made her way over to us. She put the phone in my hand and worked her way in licking on my cock as well. Tre let her take over as he quickly pulled off his clothes, then grabbed her hair and guided her mouth toward his cock. As he did this, I moved his way around to the other end putting her wet pussy in my mouth. She moaned and grabbed his hair with her other hand. Once I couldn’t take it anymore, I dove into her. Fucking her so hard she didn’t even have to do any work blowing Tre on the other end. The motion of being fucked did it all for her.
She pulled Tre’s cock out of her mouth and commanded him to put on a condom. She turned around to me and with a wink said, “You as well, soldier.” I took my cock from her pussy and began putting on a condom from a bowl of them that she somehow snuck out and placed on the coffee table.  She and Tre began kissing. He lay on the couch pulling her on top of him and pushing into her in one quick motion. She looked back at me to make sure I saw it. I took a few  photos as she lifted up slowly then slid down onto Tre’s dick. She turned to me smiling at me watching them. Then she turned back around to Tre, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled herself open as if becokining me to join. I stepped up, spit on my hand, rubbed myself at the head of my dick then worked my way into her arsehole. She squealed as I entered her and began panting as I pushed in and out. I fucked her arse and had ahold of her breasts. As I did I also felt Tre’s cock pushing into her. She groaned loudly. Neighbors be damned. “Oh my fuck!” she yelled as we both began thrusting into her. She came so hard everyone got wet, which excited both of us and made us both start fucking her harder as she lay limp in pure ecstasy. Then she came again. “Goddamn!” Tre exclaimed shocked at how quickly and easily she came. This brought her back. She leaned over and told Tre she wanted him to fuck me now. She turned around and began kissing me, biting my lip. “I fucking love you. Now hurry go wash your cock because you’re about to get fucked.” I got up in a daze, pulled the condom off and went to wash the surrounding area. When I came back she had resumed blowing Tre. They stopped when he walked up. “Alright baby, it’s your turn,” she cooed at me as Tre slapped her face with his hard member. I climbed onto Tre kissing him hard. She stood watching. Tre began grabbing for his dick to put it in when she said, “Wait! Turn around and sit on it. I want to fuck you, too.” I started to slowly put Tre’s cock inside my arse when Tre grabbed my hips and shoved himself in. I yelled in pain and pleasure both at once. She came up and began kissing and biting me. She smacked me across the face. Then she pushed me laying backward on Tre, his cock still thrusting in and out. He was biting my neck, grunting so close to cumming. She sat on my cock and began riding me as well. She and I kissed as Tre twisted one of my nipples and one of hers.
In a moment of utter ecstasy, one began groaning then the other then all three in unison as we all peaked. Tre came first his thrusts into my ass bringing back a little of the pain as the feel of her pussy soaking wet on my cock felt amazing. I couldn’t hold back anymore as my throes of ecstasy began. I pulled my cock out and came so hard it went over her breasts and onto her face. She laid motionless with a big smile on her face. For a moment we lay in a pile. Sweaty and spent. All grinning like fools.

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