Satisfyer Pro 2

SP2My package arrived and was awaiting me upon my return home from vacation. After a crazy, sex-filled vacation I had completely forgotten I ordered this contraption to replace a vibrator which survived a total of two months for me.  I pulled the Satisfyer Pro 2 out of it’s discreet package from Adam and Eve Adult Store, opened the box, and sat looking at this strange thing. I had a 50% off discount code so decided to buy this after reading all of the great reviews on their site.

Looking at instructions: charge fully before use. I look at the charger then at the SP2. Two little metal dots line up magnetically together on the SP2 and the wall charger. I plug it up, attach the charger, wonder off to do other things. When I come back I notice it’s not charging. I wiggle the charger around a bit it starts charging again. I set it down and the light shows yet again it’s not charging. Apparently it’s a touchy little fucker. So, I use a bit of ingenuity and leave the SP2 sitting on its box and attach the charger thinking this should work. Nope. After a minute of wiggling it around it finally stayed charging.

After the Satisfyer Pro 2 had finished charging, I also read the instructions to see how to use the damned thing. It honestly looks like something you’d see at a doctor’s office. There’s a squishy attachment piece which I put on no problem. There’s an on/off button then another button which increases the intensity of the pressure waves. Directions are to place directly over the clit. Nothing else to do except adjust intensity. A little lube around the ring will help increase pleasure. Well fuck, that sounds easy enough.

Alright, all charged up all lubed up, ready for takeoff. The sound is a little loud til it’s placed over the clit. I first attempt to place the little circle area by feeling around and placing the SP2 over my clit as instructed. Not really feeling much of anything resembling excitement I readjust it. Then readjust it in the mirror. I am starting to get frustrated and realizing how a young guy must feel trying to find this mysterious happy spot on a woman. This should not be this difficult. I know all of my happy places very well. Then I start to laugh as both the charger and the product itself seem to be just as annoyingly particular to make it work right.

I finally find the spot. It has a slight suction to it. I increase the intensity one notch, then two. Still I feel only a slight increase in excitement. One more notch. Another. Suddenly out of nowhere I have an orgasm. What the fuck!? Where the hell did that come from? I didn’t have time to really even enjoy it. It just came and went like it was literally sucked out of me. I felt cheated. I felt quasi-dirty like a married woman pissed at her husband finally giving in to having sex determined to not enjoy it but then orgasmed anyway. I was confused and felt slightly dirty. And for me to feel slightly dirty is, well, quite odd.

I decided to give it another go. Maybe my body was just not used to the new orgasm machine. The same fucking thing happened even though I kept it at a lower speed. I’ve tried it a few times with the same results. I’m up in the air whether to return it or not. It’s not a bad device although produces the strangest orgasm I’ve ever had. Or maybe I should ask for a refund on it and see about getting something that gives me that beautiful warm build-up kind of orgasm.


One thought on “Satisfyer Pro 2

  1. Thanks Thoughtwat that was an intriguing piece. I could have used even more detail though. An annoying orgasm? Weird! I’ve heard of rapegasm…or maybe like having your prostate milked? (never done it but sounds horrible).

    Anyway sorry for your troubles.

    Now, tell us more about this crazy vacation of yours!


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