Clubbing Baby Seals

I sat in the car, frustrated and ready to go back to his flat. “These directions are leading us in a circle.” I pouted, crossing my arms like a child. Then I crossed my legs as well to show just how extra pouty I was feeling. When I did, my crotchless panties opened enough to remind me exactly where we were going. I uncrossed my legs and looked at my lover suddenly feeling excited. I wanted him so bad I wanted to either stay or go but this driving in circles shit was not getting me anywhere. “So your phone doesn’t have access to the internet besides Wi-Fi? Could we find somewhere with Wi-Fi and figure out where to go?” George took out his phone and said, “I dunno. Here. Check and see if it works.” I looked at him a bit confounded. “You mean this was an option all along?” I shook my head and laughed as I discovered his phone did have internet access and we had actually passed our destination a couple of times.

As we approached our destination, I looked around at what appeared to be a dark, seedy place. The building really didn’t look like much. Inconspicuous. Just another building. Nothing special. Except inside there was a whole new world to me. He took my hand and looked at me to gauge my mood. I don’t understand how he reads me so well but I have taken to working on my poker face to sustain the element of surprise. As Chuck Palahniuk wrote, “We must never, ever be boring.” He rang the door and it was buzzed opened to a slightly punk-rock looking woman standing behind a glass case. On and in it were fun items for everyone’s guilty pleasures. We paid our 20 quid and in return she handed George a towel and offered one to me. I politely declined. We then paid a deposit and were given a locker key for our personal items: locker number 74.

My nerves were on end. I might have held my breath for too long because for a moment I felt light-headed. We walked in. Suddenly there was the club. There were men and women walking around. Most of the men in towels and the women strutting around in skimpy lingerie. Some people were lounging on a small couch area. George looked at me. I was positive I looked insane. He pulled me close and kissed me. “You ok?” “Yeah,” I said, breathlessly, while nodding my head. “Let’s get a drink first,” he said walking me to the bar area. He ordered a beer and I a soda. Then he handed me a pill. “What’s this?” I asked, now officially lost. I didn’t want to be fucked up for this. I wanted to experience it in full sobriety with all my senses on point. “It’s just a sex enhancer. Like Viagra.” I shrugged and tossed it in my mouth, “Oh ok, don’t know that it will help or I will need it but fuck it.” We turned and scanned our surrounding. “What do we do? Where do we go? Where are the lockers?” I was full of questions, a bit of anxiety, and a whole lot of sexual desire.

George led me up two flights of stairs. We passed people as we went. None of them struck my fancy and I was beginning to get worried we wasted our time and money. As we opened the locker door and began putting our personal effects in there George turned and whispered to me, “There doesn’t seem to be too many good-looking people in here.” I nodded in agreement. But I was determined to make the best of it. “Maybe we missed all the fun? All of the good ones already came and went?” I said, making a jab at our hour long unintended tour of the city. Then I realized I was standing there with George in only a towel, the locker key around his ankle. I took off my dress I had over the sexy lingerie I had purchased and had shipped to George’s flat just for this occasion. It was a matching purple bralette with crotchless panties. The panties also served as a garter belt. My black thigh high panty hose led down to my high-heeled black fuck me boots.

As I stood there looking down at myself I suddenly felt transformed. My outer shell was shed and I was becoming. George looked at me with adulation, he looked at me with lust. I bit my lip and looked at him, realizing my eyes suddenly became hooded and I was looking at him the same way. “Well give me the tour!” I exclaimed, taking his hand. He led me down to the second floor. There was an open room with mattresses laid out everywhere and mirrors on the wall. The mattresses were covered with wine-colored sheets. There were a few people in there playing but no one I really found intriguing. Then we went to another room: the bondage room.  It had two large women being fucked and spanked by large men while other men standing around watching and jerking off. We stood watching for a brief period before I turned and walked out to see more. There was another room with a dentist chair in it. On the chair was an attractive blonde woman being rammed by an attractive black man. There were a group of men standing around watching and jerking off as well. I stood and watched, suddenly getting wet and wanting to be a part of it. But there wasn’t enough room to squeeze in so after a bit I decided to go down to the first floor in the seated couch area.

We were down there for a short time when the cute blonde I had just seen in the dentist’s chair came downstairs with her husband. She was now wearing a towel as was her husband. I locked eyes with her and we chatted for a bit. I told her how beautiful she looked getting fucked by that man.  She seemed a little shocked. “You saw me!?” I smiled and nodded. I told her how it was my first time in a swinger’s club and she told me it was her first time at this club. Her husband sat looking off at something (possibly nothing), disinterested in the whole scene. I asked if she was on fabswingers and told her how it is how we found out about the little event they were holding. How George and I had set up a joint account even though we lived in different places. She said they are on another swinger site. Her husband chided her away so I did the same with George.

This time I was leading him around. I was really beginning to enjoy all the people watching me as I strolled through in my lacey bra and panties. I remembered seeing women working at strip clubs walking around bold and confident and suddenly I understood. I could feel the crotchless panties parting as I walked like a second pair of lips. I began noticing as a few men started following us. I felt the sway in my hips grow wider like a metronome changing the time signature. From the fast tick of rushing around to see everything for the first time I changed to see it more slowly, really take it in. I moved George’s hand down to my ass as we walked up the stairs. The warmth and wetness between my legs was increasing. I was ready to lose my virginity. I was ready for a list of firsts.

As we reached the top of the second floor the cute blonde and her husband were rounding the bend. We looked at each other and I asked if she wanted to go into the mattress room. She said she did so we walked side by side as our men followed us. I began kissing her suddenly remembering as I looked at her that I was wearing red lipstick. I started laughing knowing I looked just as silly, both our faces smeared with red lipstick. She started laughing as well as we tried to wipe some of it off on her towel. I gave up and began kissing her and grabbed one of her perfect C cup breasts. We went down to the mattress, her husband sitting to one side of us and George to the other. I was on top of her slowly working my way down. Her tits were beautiful and soft in my hands, her nipples hard in my mouth. I reached one hand down between her legs and began working my finger on her clit then slid inside of her. I went back up to kiss her as my index and middle finger found her g-spot and began stroking it. Then I went down on her sucking and licking her clit as my fingers continued. Her back arched and she moaned. Her husband sat there still looking like he wasn’t having a good time. She grabbed his cock and began sucking him off. I looked over for George but he had worked his way across the room, watching. I nodded my head for him to come play and asked if she would be ok with that. She nodded she would. He shook his head ‘no’ with a smile, seemingly content just watching.

I played with her for a little while longer but was afraid George wasn’t enjoying himself so I went over to him. “Don’t you want to come join in? She said she’s down.” George kissed me and said he was okay with just watching me have fun. Part of me wanted to pout because there weren’t that many people around and I hardly saw anyone I wanted to play with when we walked around. However, I was unbearably horny and wanted George inside of me. I began kissing him then straddled over him realizing he wasn’t even hard so I went down on him taking his cock into my mouth and sucking on it until he started getting excited. As I did this another couple came in and began messing around in the middle of the room. George slid into my wet pussy through the crotchless panties. We fucked with me on top of him only briefly before he threw me face down on the mattress and began fucking me hard. We landed next to the other couple in the room now going at it full steam.  I was lost in ecstasy when he pulled my hair lifting my head up I noticed a small group of men gathered in the doorway. The intensity of everything hit rapidly and George must have noticed. He slowed down and kissed my ear, “See anything that interests you?” he said then shoved himself hard into me. “Yes,” I moaned both in response to the question and to his hard cock. I picked out the guy I wanted to join us. He was average height, slender, with dark hair. I pointed like a kid picking a puppy dog and all the men in that area responded about the same: Me? Me? Me? I said, “The one with the blue undies.”

He stepped forward and grabbed a condom from the basket. First I took him in my mouth as George, even more excited now, pounded away at me.  Then George stopped and offered me up. Blue undies ripped open the condom package and began fucking me as George now took the helm with his cock back in my mouth. The men stood in the doorway watching us. We ended up working our way back over by the wall. George had an agenda and I was completely okay with that. George began fucking me again and I switched to sucking off blue undies. The other men began working their way in from the door standing around us with their cocks out. They stood stroking over us. Men I never saw their faces just a circle of cocks around me, all jerking off at me. I felt like a goddess. Then George grabbed ahold of my ass cheeks and offered it up to one of the faceless men. I stopped sucking off blue undies as faceless man pushed into my ass. I squealed with the pain and pleasure that comes with anal. I loved the feeling of George and another man both inside of me. I came quickly, soaking George. They both were working on me until Faceless Man came. He pulled out and I heard the snap of his condom as he took it off.

With my excitement, I had grown noisy. And like a mating call, it drew the attention of even more men. I looked over and saw the good-looking man who had been fucking the cute blonde earlier. I beckoned him to come closer so I could suck his cock. He stood over George’s head as I took him into my mouth. I knew George would really enjoy this as he has a penchant for dark-skinned men. This man’s skin was the same color as dark chocolate. I had never been with a black man before. I took his cock out of my mouth to tell George to trade places. George got up as he and Dark Chocolate swapped places. Suddenly Dark Chocolate was underneath me. His skin was smooth. He kissed me first which I really enjoyed. A condom went on and he was inside of me as George watched for a moment before driving his cock into my ass.  Blue Undies came back and I began sucking him off as I was still being fucked in my other two holes. The feeling was so powerful as I had these three all focused on me and we still had a group of men hoping for a turn.

George stopped after a little while and I asked him to get me a water from downstairs. Blue Undies had found his way into my ass by this point. George looked at me a little apprehensive to leave me unattended. “Will you be alright on your own?” I cooed back at him, “It’s alright I’m sure these lovely gentlemen will take good care of me.” George walked over, put a towel on, and left downstairs to fetch water as I continued getting fucked and kissed on by both men. Only a few men remained standing around us as it was getting late. One man offered to come join us but I shooed him away, unwilling to take anyone else until George returned. I was starting to come down from the blur of ecstasy and noticing more going on. Dark Chocolate and I were soaked he had made me come so much. He was a younger guy and rather fit. I kissed him slowly enjoying the softness of his lips. Blue Undies was kissing my neck and by this point I noticed he had the smallest cock out of all the men I had had up in me. George returned with the water. I stopped, kissed Dark Chocolate once more, rolled away from them, and grabbed the water. As I tried to stand up my legs were wobbly like a foal’s. My panties were drenched.

George and I stood there cuddled up to each other. A large woman had found her way into the room and was posted up on the other side with the group of men standing around her with some in a line. We watched as this woman was taking them. George watched and held his cock. He grabbed a condom and asked if I minded if he took a turn. I told him go ahead. “She’s not my type but have at it.” He stood, unsure what I meant. I was so exhausted I was okay either way. He decided to not have a go at her. We walked around for a little while longer. I was in a bit of a daze. Part of me wanted to take 10 more men, the other part wanted to go home and cuddle up to George in bed. We decided to get dressed and go. We went up to the locker room and put our clothes on. As we walked down the large woman who had the line of men was standing there. I praised her on her skills. She laughed and said, “I had a few guys I had picked out. I looked up and there were all these guys around me and I wasn’t even sure who was fucking me!” I stood in awe of her.

We went downstairs and turned in our key to locker 74. I took one more glimpse around and we walked out hand in hand. We got in the car and drove back to his. The smell of sex was still strong in my lingerie. We had just left and already I wanted to do it again.


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